RV Suspension

Trailair center point air-ride suspension upgrade

Model #: 1565391
Tandem axle Air-Ride Conversion System. 2 pack. Isolates your coach and contents from destructive vibration and road shock. Vibration reduces the life of your appliances, electronics, air conditioners, furnace plus your water and gas lines. Attacks every fastener holding your coach and cabinet's together. Reduces suspension component wear. Increases emergency stop, tire braking traction, by nearly 100%. Conventional tandem spring suspensions, in a panic stop, roll/lift one axle up so that only two tires are gripping the pavement. Center Point's air spring equalizer compresses, allowing all four tires to grip the pavement in a panic stop. Road induced vibration and shock create additional fatigue while towing. Air ride suspension on your rig reduces these transfers to all the tow vehicle passengers.